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No children
1 dog accepted
2 bathrooms
Car parking 
Detached property
Washing machine
Multi fuel stove
Garden & enclosed patio
Pub within 1/4 
1 bedroom (double bed)
Detatched Property
1 bedroom (double bed)

West Cally Lodge built in 1860, forms part of a pair of Grade 2* Scottish Baronial style gate lodges residing at the entrance to the Cally Estate (now an exclusive private hotel). The lodge retains all its original character with an emphasis on the 'Arts & Crafts' movement for its decor. You can expect all the comforts of modern living with an abundance of atmospheric Scottish charm in this truly historic lodge.

Welcome to West Cally Lodge

        Detached Property       1 bedroom (double bed)          2 bathrooms                 Wi-Fi                Multi fuel stove           Washing machine
         Car parking on-site          1 dog accepted              No children            Pub within 1/4 mile      Garden & enclosed patio           BBQ
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